31 December 2012

Ending the year right...

I have not been here... But that's pointing out the obvious. Where have I been?

- working
- celebrating the holidays

But not only am I in Virginia. I'm here with no wifi and poor cell service. And let me tell you something, it's glorious! It's so relaxing to be unconnected (for the most part). To only be able to go online when you stand in the one spot where 3G comes in.

The best part though? Watching Sammy run around as much as she wants outside and spending close to 24/7 with her. The part that's almost as good? Seeing my sister and her family who came up from SC to visit. Yeah, it's a close second ;-)

Hope y'all have a happy and safe NYE!!

Run, kangaroo, run!


Ani Bey said...

happy new year!


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It's always good to be unplugged sometimes!