04 December 2012

Counting down the days...

Tuesday. Day #3 of my 7-day work week.

Well technically, I'm on day 5 of 9 (this past Friday and Saturday) and I'm not sure about next week yet so it may be 9+. Hello, HUGE paycheck!

I'll need much wine after this. As in, no glass needed.

Which is a norm.
Did I say that?

This week's pluses:

-- ROYAL BABY ALERT!! It's been confirmed (fo realz this time) that Kate and Will ARE expecting. A child that it, no dinosaur for them.

-- I discovered heaven in a carton.

-- I may be getting a new table for the dining room tonight. Beau doesn't know yet. I think I'll surprise him... I'll let y'all know how that turns out.

-- One less mouse in my kitchen. Hopefully no more left!

On the not-so-plus side:

What the eff, USPS?!?
Where is Beau's Christmas present?????

1 comment:

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

The post office is being really slow right now! I've been waiting on packages and it's like everyday NOTHING comes. Hope you get yours soon!