24 March 2012

Puppies and planes, oh my!

So what did I do yesterday? Oh you know, just the usual... transported some puppies in an airplane.

Wait -- hold on -- back up. Puppies???

Yes, puppies.

2 adult dogs and 9 puppies.

And what makes it even better was that yesterday happened to be National Puppy Day. We had been trying to do the transport for a week but the weather just wasn't working out. It was meant to be though!

But I know you could care less about what I have to say so without further ado, our flight...

These pups should have no problem getting adopted. They are adorable! I was tempted to get one.

Last time we did a rescue transport, we had a stowaway...

Ok, so not really a stowaway. The pilot decided he needed a souvenir -- and a cute one she is!

The organization is so great though. What better way to save some puppy lives!
Check them out and spread the word!


Cami said...

You go Sarah!! That is AMAZING!!! :) So proud of you!! YAY puppies will be helped because of you <3

Michelle P said...

Awww that's so awesome!

Jessica said...