15 August 2013

Today would have been the day...

... the day I excitedly woke up, surrounded by my closest girlfriends. 

... the day I would have reminisced with my sisters while getting my hair and makeup done. 

... the day I would have slipped into my gorgeous white dress with a veil on my head. 

... the day my parents would have walked me down the aisle with Beau waiting for me at the other end. 

... the day I would have become his wife. 

Now don't get me wrong - as sad as I am that this isn't a reality I'm glad we've pushed the wedding off. Between his schooling, finances, and with my new management promotion at work, it would have been tough. But I still can't help but get teary eyed thinking about what today would have been. 

We'll have our time; I know we will. It may not be as soon as I'd like but it's what's best for us.

My dearest husband-to-be,
I love you. Although I wish we were married years ago, I'm happy where we are. Our little family is perfect and I know we'll have a beautiful wedding one day... Just please make that day sooner than later. Kidding. Sort of.
Your future wife,


Kenya said...

Awww! Your time will be here soon and you will totally forget today! Thinking of ya!

Kristine said...

Oh my gosh, as I was reading this I was scared you were gonna tell me you guys ended things!! Thank goodness you're not!! :) don't worry, the day will come and it'll be AMAZING! :)

Nikki said...

Girl you will have your day and it will be magical!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Your day will happen though!